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The project brings together several researchers and technical staff from a large consortium of partners. Thanks to the effective participation of all parties involved and the sharing of language technology skills, we will be able to contribute to the rapid development of language technologies for Slovene, which is of vital importance to ensure the survival of the language in the digital age.


Project leader: dr. Simon Krek

Text collection: Andraž Repar

Work package leaders

Each work package is led by at least one expert in the field of linguistics and one in the field of computer science.

1 Language resources
dr. Špela Arhar Holdt
dr. Marko Robnik Šikonja

2 Speech technologies
dr. Darinka Verdonik
dr. Marko Bajec
dr. Simon Dobrišek

3 Semantic resources and technologies
dr. Simon Krek
dr. Slavko Žitnik

4 Machine translation
Andraž Repar
dr. Iztok Lebar Bajec

5 Terminology portal
dr. Mateja Jemec Tomazin
Miro Romih

6 Infrastructure centre maintenance
dr. Tomaž Erjavec

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